hi, I'm Mon,Girl/22/Thai ,.I'm addicted to the sims lol....,
Peace of Art and Interior design.,.............❤ Robbie Wadge
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TH Accessories mix rings

Mesh edit by TriumpH

Adult Female~ Download

Model: Michelle 

Мой первый меш, извините если что-то не так :3

все так хD



Concrete Walls (technically paintings)
I’m always looking for new concrete walls so when I came across different concrete patterns on Google I decided to make a set of walls. Because I can’t make patterns I used Ilona’s wall mural mesh. The wall murals are four tiles wide and you can place them next to each other in order to fill an entire wall in your room. The set contains 8 different murals and can be found in the deco category.

As you can see in the pictures some textures are seamless and others have a small seam. If someone would like to turn the wall murals into actual patterns, please let me know and I will send you the original textures :)

Box / Mediafire

This is gift 1 of 6, I will post another gift on Friday!



-Corner Pub-

  • Lot: Community - Hangout
  • Size: 15x10

»Download«  MF - BOX

>Note: If your sim can’t use the bakery stove cause no move, just go to buy mode -> clone new and del the old one!


  • Put “[142] Corner Pub package” file to My documents/ Electronic Arts/ The Sims 3/ Library
  • Almost file I use is package and few sims3pack: Included in zip file!

»CC Not included:

»Thanks to all creators: Noir and Dark SimsSimpleStudio404Simnaru, TS3 store, ATS3CashcraftCyclonesueMutskeSimcrediblePocci, Eight/Three’s Atelier, SimpaiiCamille, …v…v…. and me :D

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The Wilsons  ( chillsimmer ) ​|   came by for a little backyard bbq